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New Release Day!

Pokemon release day packages

We’ve been selling Pokemon seriously for more than 5 years and I still get giddy every new release day. While we no longer have our physical storefront my heart starts racing when I hear the UPS truck pull up and the distinctive beep beep beep start playing as the driver prepares to unload and deliver the goods.

We’ve been anticipating the Chilling Reign release for quite a while. It’s almost torture seeing the all the art on the Japanese releases and having to wait for the English releases! of course we couldn’t wait to crack our own booster box open and see the cards in person. We’ve heard a lot of stories of production and card quality being pretty poor so we were a little nervous. We must have lucked out because the boxes we opened actually had exceptionally good card cut quality and centering!!

Here’s a pic of the pulls from our first box…

Klara (Secret Rare), Metagross VMAX, Metagross V, Brawly (Full Art), Liepard V, Zeraora V, Moltres V, Tornadus V