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I really want to celebrate Celebrations with you…

Pokemon Celebrations

The trials, troubles, and tribulations of being a small seller continue to haunt us. Our allocations for Celebrations came in at 5% of what we ordered. We feel the pains of being perpetually out of stock while we watch the undulations of traffic waxing and waning, the traffic flowing through analytics and can only feel apologetic to our loyal customers. We sincerely appreciate you. We appreciate that you still check in regularly, despite our lack of inventory. We appreciate the messages you still send us asking how things are going and if we are getting anything new soon. We appreciate you.

Because our Celebrations allocations have been so limited we are going to send out emails to previous customers, giving them first dibs on the release. We are going to put together a Celebrations package which will include several Celebrations products bundled together for one price. Look out for an email on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning!